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Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Ride


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Western Tanager

Western Tanager

Western Tanager

Western Tanager

We are still in Durango. But, we are getting ready to move on. Really! We decide to make today a motorcycle day.

If you live in this part of the country, you talk of hills, passes, elevations and percent grades. The day we were in town, we asked if there was a restaurant in walking distance. “Remember, we are flatlanders.” “No problem, there is only a 9 percent grade.” He was kidding.

Between us and Cortez Colorado is Hesperus Hill. We have heard that it is a hard climb. The same 9% kidder gives us an alternate route. My concern is that the route is a light grey line on the map. Hmmm . . . We decide to check things out.

We have no problem following our alternate route and it is very reasonable. It is a great ride on the motorcycle and would be fine for the RV.

In Hesperus, we head back to Durango. Let’s check this “Hill” out.

We immediately see a sign that reads “4 Miles – 6% Grade”. We are heading downhill but the RV would have to come up this. The entire ride to Durango is downhill. That settles it. We are going around this “hill”!

It is a great day on the bike. The weather is perfect. The length of the ride is perfect. Most importantly, we are back at the campground before the 1:00 showers and possible thunderstorms.

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