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Lars and Gary in the miniature village of Timmele Miniby (scale 1:10)...

Gary in the miniature village (Timmele miniby) with the real thing in...

Heather and Lars at Timmele Miniby.

Jan-Olaf, Anders, Kerstin, Heather and Lars.

The historic shopping street in Ulricehamn.

Snow set aside if needed for establishing ski-trails for the 2017 X-C...

Wednesday May 18

We woke well rested and enjoyed a pleasant breakfast of Muesli and yoghurt, boiled egg, slice ham, cheese and bread with Lars before logging in to check progress with the lost bag. The morning on-line status indicated that the bag would be delivered sometime on May 18. Consequently, our plans for the day are now revised to include waiting at Lars’ house until the bag arrives.

Garys’s cell phone rang just after the breakfast dishes had been completed and we were assured by the voice on the other end of the line that the bag would be delivered in the next 40 minutes. This was good news, and after an undetermined period of time, certainly no more than 40 minutes, the courier pulled up to the house and the bag was delivered.

Our first outing of the day was to the small/miniature village called Timmele Miniby (scale 1:10) that was constructed between 2004 and 2006 with an European Union LEADER project grant (Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l'Économie Rurale, i.e., Links between the rural economy and development). The ‘Miniby’ is a reconstruction of Timmele village as it existed in 1880 and is an award-winning cultural tourist attraction, located across the field from Lars’ home. Lars and approximately 20 other people from the village worked on the project, and five of the model buildings were constructed by Lars.

After a short visit to the 1750s church in Timmele we drove into Ulricehamn (the local town) for a walk around. Being situated on a lovely lake, Ulricehamn has a very pretty setting. Unfortunately, our weather has not been too sunny, but rather cloudy and cool, only around 10 degrees. We ate lunch in town, did some shopping for a barbeque this evening and visited the wine and beer store before driving home. On the way we visited the local sports centre area (sports hall, gymnasium, football (soccer) fields, swimming pool, ice hockey rinks, tennis courts, golf course, boules pitch, cross-country ski trails, etc.). In January 2017, Ulricehamn will be the venue for the 2017 World Cross-Country Ski Championships and outside of town, we saw a huge snow pile that is being protected with a covering of sawdust. This stockpile of snow has been set aside in case there is too little snow in January; it can be used (if needed) for establishing the base of the ski-trails for the championships. This is a bold venture to keep the snow from one year to the next.

At the end of the day we had a barbeque at Lars’ with his brother Anders and his wife Kirsten and his friend Jan-Olaf joining us. These folks stayed with us in Greely when they came to Ottawa to participate in the 2007 Keskinada cross-country ski races in Gatineau Park. Anders and Kirsten live next door to Lars and work the farm that surrounds the two properties. The farm is located in a quiet and peaceful valley.

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