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Being Towed

Being Towed

Being Delivered

Historic Downtown Durango

Historic Downtown Durango

John Finds A Store

Historic Downtown Durango

Historic Downtown Durango

John reminds me that today is Friday the 13th. Great!

We are up very early. We plan to get into Durango before there is any traffic. The RV is supposed to be drivable. It does not take long to find out that it is not.

The motor shuts down. We pull off the road. We call Good Sam’s.

Good Sam’s tells us to call back in fifty minutes when the tow shops open. What can we do?

It is a long story but we end up with two tow trucks. The larger one is needed and things work out as they should. We get to ride in the RV into town. I can take great videos like this and it ought to help our fuel mileage.

The people at the muffler shop are wonderful. They will take care of us today. (Even though we are late arriving.)

We are in historic downtown Durango. We walk to a diner for breakfast. We walk through town. Fortunately, they have benches every block. We stroll and we rest.

Back at the muffler shop, we talk with the mechanic. All of our problems are related. Bad spark plugs, bad fuel pump, and maybe bad fuel causing a bad catalytic converter.

When we get the RV back it feels great! We pick up our trailer. We are ready to continue on!

The boys at Shop 1 are getting ready to go racing tonight. They all saw us in the AM. Our contact at the muffler shop invites us to a Poker Run tomorrow. Sorry, we have train tickets. We have a whole new group of acquaintances in Durango.

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