John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Getting Fixed

Almost Done

Today goes almost as we expect. We are up early after a good night’s sleep.

Our mechanic and his father do not show until 10:30 but they call. They are very busy! High altitudes and mountain climbing is hard on RV’s.

It takes longer than expected to drop the fuel tank to get to the fuel pump. Of course. It is an RV. We are made very comfortable as we wait.

The fuel pump gets installed and two other minor problems get fixed. The fuel pump was original to the RV. It was due!

John and the mechanic go for a test drive. The fuel pump is now working at full efficiency. But, we still have a problem.

Since we are now getting fuel, the exhaust is getting hot. We need a catalytic converter.

We understand this problem. We had the catalytic converter replaced three years ago in Wyoming. I will check on the warranty.

This is not the news we want but we need to get fixed. We have an appointment on Friday at a muffler shop in town. The RV is drivable for short distances.

We check into the KOA. We decide to take care of chores tomorrow. Friday, we get the exhaust fixed. Saturday, we take the train ride. We will feel more like being tourists then. (Besides, if we stay Friday night we get Saturday night free).

It would be better to fix these things in “off season” but we don’t know what will need fixing. We love our RV and will keep it going! This is only a couple of travel days.

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