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Continental Divide

Continental Divide

Colorado Again





Chimney Rock National Monument

Chimney Rock National Monument


Spirits Still Up


Can't Climb The Hill

Again our day has two stories. We have a wonderful drive from Chama to twenty miles east of Durango. Fifteen miles east of Durango, we break down.

The Wonderful Ride:

Since we do not have internet service, we treat ourselves to a breakfast out. There is a café next to our RV Park. It is a great start to the day.

We leave Chama. I am expecting a hard climb to get over the Continental Divide. To the north, there is a pass at every crossing.

We see a sign for an historical marker. We almost miss it. We are at the Continental Divide. Well, that was easy.

We drive Route 64 and then Route 84. We are soon back in Colorado. There is some climbing but we are fine. The scenery is beautiful.

We head west on Route 160. We stop to take pictures of elk. We stop to take pictures of Chimney Rock National Monument.

We do not stop at Chimney Rock. There is a two hour guided tour with strenuous walking. It is not for us. We will have to settle for seeing it from the highway.

There is more climbing than we expect. One climb is very long. We take it slowly.

The Breakdown:

About twenty miles east of Durango, we lose power. We try to limp into Durango. There is a hill with road construction. We do not make it. We pull off the road and call Good Sam’s.

Good Sam’s tries to locate us through our phone and fails. I am not sure why my agent needs more than “We are fifteen miles east of Durango on Route 160.”

We finally talk to the mechanic. He immediately knows where we are. Unfortunately, he is not close by. We wait and try to keep our spirits up. We are safe. The weather is cool. There is nothing else to do.

Our mechanic is great. We have a bad fuel pump. We are able to limp to Durango. (The fuel pump has cooled)

We are spending the night at another Auto Repair Shop. We can see the KOA but we may not be able to climb the hill. The fuel pump is ordered. Tomorrow, will be a repair day.

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