John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Train Ride

New Mexico

Cold Enough

No Elk

San Luis Valley

Route 64

We Climb

Not A Pass

Not A Pass?

High Elevation

High Elevation

Still Not a Pass

Back Down

Still Cloudy

We make our best decisions in the morning. We check the weather.

We decide to drive for two days to Durango. The weather is going to get warmer!

What route should we take? The most direct route is through South Fork but there is a pass and it is snowing in the high elevations.

Further south, there is a shortcut but it includes the Cumbres Pass. We have been over that on a train. Pass.

We follow the San Luis Valley into New Mexico. The road is good but it is very windy. I guess this is why they ended up with those sand dunes!

In New Mexico, we eventually head west on Route 64. We took this route when we came west in the fall. I remember liking it.

We immediately go into climbing mode. I am a little nervous. Has my memory failed me? We climb to over 10,000 feet. Why is this not a pass? The RV does fine.

We descend into a beautiful valley with trees and no wind. It is a wonderful ride. It is made for us!

Eventually, we make a second climb to over 10,500 feet. Again, this is not a pass. We have no trouble with the climbs.

We are high enough that we see snow. The visibility is low but we do not care. We have the road almost to ourselves.

A motor cycle passes us. We later pass him. He has stopped because of the ice on the road. We ask if he is Okay. He is dressed appropriately and fine.

We pass an RV with a flat tire. We stop to make sure they are Okay. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan is already on the scene.

We arrive in Chama. Our RV Park has just been taken over by new owners. The price is right and we are only here overnight.

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