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Mt. Blanca

Nice Day To Ride

Dressed Appropriately

Sangre de Cristos and Sand Dunes

Sangre de Cristos and Sand Dunes

Chilly, But A Nice Ride

Sand Dunes Ahead

Pretty Day

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Another National Park

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

Creek and Sand Dunes

Creek and Sand Dunes

Creek and Sand Dunes

Creek and Sand Dunes

Creek and Sand Dunes

Our Picnic Table


Today’s tale has two parts. We visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We take a motorcycle ride.

First, the park is very nice. We stop at the visitor center. We watch the video. I get my stamp.

Our ranger tells us that we can drive to the dunes. We (I) will have to cross a creek to get to the dunes. I am up for that.

When we get to the dunes, I change my mind. It is a very wide creek. It is chilly. I cannot believe how many people are walking around with wet feet. I settle for pictures.

Now for the motorcycle ride. It is possible to make good decisions and have things turn out poorly.

We check the weather report. There will be a high near 60 with possible showers in the afternoon.

We dress appropriately and take the motorcycle. It is a thirty minute ride to the park. It is a little chilly but we know that the ride back will be nicer. Right!

Standing at the Dunes, we both watch the sky. At the visitor center, the ranger tells us that it usually rains around 2:00. We better get back to the RV Park.

We start out the park road. It starts to rain. This is followed shortly by SNOW. It gets worse. The snow changes to HAIL!

Fortunately, John has long pants on, his leather vest and my helmet. It doesn’t help much. I am tucked behind him. I am cold and wet and cannot imagine what he is experiencing up front.

With much relief, we get safely back to the park. We are popsicles! I have to peal John’s gloves off. His hands are frozen. To my relief, we are both still laughing.

“Can you believe that? I looked down at my knee and saw a sheet of ice. You must have been sold ice!” We laugh.

“You were a real trooper. I know how fast I was going.” “John, no matter how fast you were going, it wasn’t fast enough!” We laugh.

“All I kept thinking about, was getting into a hot shower.” “Me, too, and a steak dinner!” We laugh.

“At first, I knew we were going to get wet. Then, I saw the snow start to lay.” “I saw that, too!” “When the hail started, I thought, great. Now, I am going to get beat to death!” We laugh.

We are finally thawed out. The rain did not last. Our timing was impossibly poor! It is a ride that we never want to repeat! But, we will tell the story again and again!

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