John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

It is a less eventful day. There are no great pictures to post.

I spend time talking with our KOA host. We decide to go to Cripple Creek.

The travel time is a little more than we enjoy by motorcycle. Also, it is windy and there is a good chance of rain.

We try taking the RV. We head north on Route Nine. We are definitely climbing. We turn toward Cripple Creek. We are now on a two lane road with a thirty-five mile speed limit. We climb nonstop.

We have soon climbed two thousand feet and we are still forty-five minutes from Cripple Creek. This is not fun. We turn around and head back to the campground.

John could fish in town but it is windy. And, there are intermittent showers. It is not a fishing day.

We decide to put the stickers on our RV map. To our surprise, the new maps are smaller than the old maps. We will have to remove the outline map. We will need a hair dryer and a hot day. It can wait.

I accomplish one thing. There was a glitch when I topped up our JetPack. I contact technical support. The problem is solved.

Like I said, it is a less than eventful day. Some days are like this.

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