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Porcupine Gorge

Porcupine Gorge- looking other way from lookout

Bottletree ridge lookout

Panorama from Mt Walker just after sunset

We were woken up at about 7.30 by council workman checking on RV permits. Three other sets of campers had arrived quite late and as they obviously didn’t have permits were moved along! Council workers were also hard at it cleaning up the showgrounds, and as it was pretty windy there was dust flying everywhere. We also discovered our camp set up was not as dog proof as we had thought. The wind had blown aside the skirting from our annexe that we use to protect space between bottom of caravan and ground and Ruby had found her way out. She was having a lovely wander by the river!!!

We had drive out to Porcupine Gorge lookout (about 64 ks from Hughenden), and stopped at Bottletree ridge lookout on the way back. Just a quick rocky climb to the top!

If anyone is wondering what we do with Amber on these short trips and walks, we mostly leave her on our bed in the van with the fan on. She has rarely moved when we get back and I doubt she has even realised we have gone most times! This has been her normal practice at home and she seems very content to be left to sleep on the bed.

We had a drive up to Mt Walker (10k from Hughenden) at sunset. Unfortunately, we were a few minutes too late to see the sun go over the horizon, but in all pretty spectacular 360° views.

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