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Waiting at the airport worst part of any trip stuffed up booking again because of weak WiFi. Only could book room at Hilton till 6pm meshing I have to wait here for

6 hours that's the hand I have been dealt so I will have to make the most of it. At least I had a good breakfast and the burger for lunch although a lot dearer than Maccas would have made about four of theirs. Had a bit of a problem yesterday hotel I booked on the Internet when the taxi driver finally found it had closed down so luckily my translation on my phone worked and he took me to a hotel nearby. Cheap but no English spoken and no food so caught a cab into airport and had a pizza had card to open room and it had Chinese writing on it I thought was the address.Got into a cab to go home and in he looked at it and shook his head. So after speaking on his phone to a lady who spoke good English after two try's we found it.Another reason I did not mind spenbing up on the Hilton. Well this will be the last entry don't know if anyone reads them but I can go to them and remember my trips Bye Frank

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