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Left Beijing 26th did not have a hotel booked as the wifi at the hostel was not working well. Came on the fast train only took 30 min I will miss those trains, when I got to the station there was seven exits so chose exit seven. First hotel said they did not have a room or I think that is what they said. Next one had three girls behind the desk but not one spoke English so with dificulty I worked out they had a room and it would be 240Y per night.Thats $48 Aus all good. Then they told me I would have to pay 900Y deposit after a bit of hassle I worked out with them the room was 720Y for three nights and the deposit was 180Y making the 900Y total. All good room turned out to be a buisness suite bit up market from my usual hostel room. Breakfast is included but Chinese breakfast is not what we call breakfast I have two hard boiled eggs and a couple of steamed buns,not keen on the stew or the soup. No coffee either but evening meal is on the other end of the scale, this is a Mongolian hotel and they don't use chillies so the food is the best I have since the Yangzi cruise. The beer is good also old beer in long necks but the first night it was warm, so using my translator on the phone I explained to the lovely waitresses that we Ausies liked our beer cold. To my surprise last night ice cold beer just shows how good the Chinese people are to foreigners. Everewere I have gone they have been helpful even their metro has the stations up in Chinese and English. Would have to say this is the best country I have traveled in regarding the way people treat foreigners.Well am back to Beijing tomorrow will go and see the olympic sites and a few other things I missed.Will try to avoid those girls who try to con you though am staying in a hotel near the airport because my flight is at2:15 Sunday and I did not want to risk depending on a taxi to get me there at that time. byeFRANK

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