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Lunch on the go - for the train. No take away box?...

Dinner at a restaurant where we lunched in 2013


It's Saturday, so the swedish tradition lives on - Saturday Lollies!

Bit of a non day really. There's a big queue to check out of the hotel and we're waiting in line when Gav remembers that he got an email the previous night from the hotel chain saying you can use the email to check out. Very sensible. So we use the phone to check out, drop the door keys off, and we're out of this crazy busy place.

But of course, it's such a long way to the station - just across the road so we're there in about 5 minutes or less.

In time to get some food whilst we're on the train to Malmö. We get ourselves a salad which is very nice, but we also treat ourselves to some dessert. When Gav purchased them, they seem to not have a take away box to put them in, so the person serving us asked someone out the back what to do, and they must have told them to shove them into a drink cup and put a lid on it. I think they've created a new take away method. It's uber cool.

Anyway, the train trip is fairly unremarkable. It's on time of course and only about two hours to Malmö from Göteborg. We check into our hotel that we stayed in when we were in Malmö in 2013 for Eurovision. It's right in the centre of the town so it's very easy to get around and the memories of our last visit come flooding back so we remember pretty much how to get around the place fairly easily.

For dinner we find a restaurant from our last visit to return to in Lilla Torg, though Rog doesn't feel the need to have an elk burger like last visit.

All in all, a lovely moving towns kind of day.

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