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City library

State Theatre - Alice in Wonderland is performing by the looks


Statue of King Neptune


There's also modern art in here, you say?

Why, yes, there is modern art here

Buttons on a wall, how imaginative

Second best modern art piece we thought

the best piece.

Our favourite room was the self portraits




"On the Rocks" Carl Wilhelmson 1905-06








I'm here for my close up (and food)

Is it May yet? No, so no boat tour for you



The Palm Hous

We came all this way .. to see a Calistamon?

Fika time of course




Local trams

Central station across the road from the hotel

Today was a walk to the Art Museum and get ourselves a little bit of cultcha and that.

Interesting start to the day, though it isn't due to the volume of Volvo people milling about the breakfast room, but rather having breakfast sitting facing the window when bam! a man was thrown up against the windows on the outside of the hotel in the laneway by two people. Oh my gosh! A little shocked, we look around to see what others are doing. Should we be telling someone to call 112? Not to worry, it does appear that the two people holding the man against the window is in fact the police. He appears to have stolen one or more wallets as one falls onto the ground. Eventually the police car turns up and they take him away, but we're left a little shocked as to what happened practically right in front of us. Would it have been rude to have taken a photo (particularly since it would have used a flash) we ponder?

So we venture out, and on the way, near the tourist bureau we were at yesterday there are some police around, and stopping people. Thankfully to answer a survey on how the people feel the police are doing and what areas of concern they feel they need to get more involved in. What a marvellous idea! We do get stopped by a lovely policewoman and we get to talk about the morning events and how in general we feel its generally safe. We get joined by another policeman who asks where we're from and both seem to smile when they find out we're from Australia. (Really Qantas, you need to start your own routes here. Swedish people have either been to australia or know someone who has). We chat a bit and then we both must leave to do our respective things. In hindsight we should have asked for a photo with them. Lovely people.

So, yeah, we find the Art Museum. Good thing about the price for the ticket is that it is valid at 3 museums and for 12 months. How flexible is that. In this museum there's an exhibition with some modern art in it. Always leaves us a bit cold. it was interesting but I'm not sure we made the same connections as the notes next to the display said.

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