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We drove downtown Salt Lake City which the center piece is Temple Square. Temple Square is the home of the Latter Days Saints or LDS. Salt Lake is a very clean town it appears. The areas we were in prove that. At Temple Square there are 2 visitor centers that you need to visit first. They have missionaries from all over the world there to take you on a guided tour of the square. The two young ladies we had one was from Wales and the other was from the Philippines. They led you around and explained the building in the square and answered any question you may have. The main temple is not open to the public. It is used by the true believers. We were able to visit the Assembly Hall which is where the Tabernacle Choir and the massive organ are located. It is the place you see on TV when they put on a special. It was interesting to hear about the faith, not sure yet what it is all about. I don’t think women have a major role in the church. I didn’t realize how many LDS were worldwide, just in the Philippines there are 80,000 people. We did listen to a recital of the organ which is impressive to hear.

We also visited the Great Salt Lake Park and learned about the history of the lake. The lake has a salt content of 35% salt which the ocean is only 4%. It is a recreation area with a huge marina and lots of sailboats. I was very windy this day so a person didn’t spend much time outside. We left there and returned to the motorhome to prepare to leave in the morning.

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