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Off the Interstate

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At Last

We are greeted in the morning by our campground host. “Shall I save your site?” We both laugh. “No, we are really leaving today.” We seem to be having trouble getting out of town!

Our plan today is to take Route 46 northwest and stay above any bad weather. We can get on the Interstate and travel one exit north and get on 46 west. But, we do not.

Our GPS must now know that we do not like the interstate. It must also have a sense of humor.

I check the route she has planned. It seems great. We are soon on a road that is shaded light grey on the map. I guess we should avoid “light grey roads.”

Turn left, turn right, turn left and left again and on and on. For about a half hour we twist and turn and go up and down hills. The road is not in good shape! I think I hear the GPS laughing. “So, you want to get off the interstate.” We see a section of Indiana that few RVers get to see.

We finally turn onto Route 46 and the rest of the ride is uneventful. The Rose Buds are in bloom. It is a great time to be on the road. I see a camel.

We have been through Bloomington, IN before. It is a beautiful area.

After a lunch stop in Terre Haute, IN we get on the Interstate for a half hour. As we near the exit for our campground John reads the signs for Casey, IL. Visit the world’s largest wind chime. Visit the world’s largest golf tee. I look at John. “Oh, did I forget to mention that?” We will check Casey out!

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