John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

First thing in the morning we hook up the trailer. We are leaving town. Maybe.

John tries to turn on his new computer and gets nothing. I get out the GPS.

We might as well go out to breakfast. After breakfast, we find a Walmart. By now the local Best Buy is open.

We get good news. The computer is broke. That really is good news. It is frustrating to take something back and find out that it is again working. Best Buy does an exchange and answers some of our questions. (Like how easy it is to turn the touchpad off!)

It is now twelve o’clock. It is decision time. We can make a short move or we can go back to our campground. We opt for the campground. We know it will take me time to set the new computer up. Besides, it is raining.

We are greeted by our campground host when we pull back into the campground. “Hi, Honey. We’re home.” He laughs. “That was a short trip!” I explain our situation and we are back in our site.

At three o’clock, I turn the new computer over to John. We made the right decision. What’s the hurry?

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