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Another Woodpecker

Our plan for today was to head to Rockville, Indiana. We would get the motorcycle out tomorrow and see covered bridges. It is going to rain tomorrow. It is time for Plan B

We head due south to Columbus, Indiana. The GPS wants us on the interstate but we do not turn!

It is a great ride. We pass through farm land. The traffic is light. We know that we have only a two hour trip.

Near Columbus, we find a detour. This has happened before. We follow the signs, and follow the signs, and follow the signs! You have got to be kidding!

Forty five minutes later, we are south of Columbus. We head north on the Interstate for ten minutes and find our campground. This detour we could have done without!

The campground is nice. We settle in by 1:30. It is still an early day for us.

There are woodpeckers all over the place! I take a video but forget that I cannot turn the camera!

There is a pond, so I take a walk. Walking is always a good idea after riding in the RV.

Tomorrow, we are taking an architectural tour of Columbus. Sorry, no covered bridges!

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