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It would appear that some bakery competition was under way in Nordstan...


City Library

Thankfully the early morning requirements are now done so we don't have to wake up before a civilised time to get going. Although, we hadn't considered the extra guests at the hotel for the Volvo competition. The breakfast room is full of what we consider to be eastern european languaged peoples. Not rude, but you really don't feature in their need to complete their breakfast ritual. I do like watching what people eat for breakfast since the hotel offers such a diverse range of foods with hot, cold, cereal and breads to baked beans, sausages, and scrambled eggs. It seems very popular to be eating cold meats with cucumber, tomato and capscium (maybe they offered carrots. It would appear that carrots are only offered in some hotels for breakfast).

Anyway, slow day today, getting to know the city and our way around. Nothing major planned. We thought that maybe we could go to the islands off Gothenburg or maybe even Frederikshavn in Denmark for the day. The tourist office will know and tell us. There's a small booth in the Nordstan shopping centre beneath us, we'll ask them. The lady who serves us is lovely but, well, Frederikshavn - can't help you, go to ship office and they'll tell you, and it was a bit vague-ish from there so we figured we'd go to their other office and ask them.

Taking a walk around the city, the weather is sunny today causing people to come out. Can't say we're loving this town though. Just something about it isn't making us warm to it. It appears to be more of a functional city - it is the second largest city in Sweden with a big shipping transport base.

We do go for a walk around the inner city. We make it to the larger tourist bureau and ask there about what to do. There are ferries to the archipelagos but we should be aware that the drivers are on strike and its questionable about when they will run. There is no ferry to take you on a tour but rather we would have to go to one walk around until the next ferry arrived and go off to the next island. This seems all too hard particularly as we are unsure of the reliability of the boats and we don't want to get stuck. The woman is lovely and advises of some other things to do but chat is mostly on why we are there at this time of year. We mention that we watch Liseberg on TV and would love to come over during summer to take part noting that we wouldn't understand what was happening as we don't speak the language. At this another Tourist Bureau employee stocking shelves laughs a little too loudly. Seems she has been enjoying listening to our conversation and how a bit mad we seem to be.

After our encounter we walk off towards towards Saluhallen. This is a seafood type food hall with heaps of eateries inside. We can't make up our mind whether to stay and eat in or go out to one of the many restaurants around the food hall, most with chairs outside mostly facing the street so you can be seen and be seen people watching. There is a cake shop inside with a princess torte with blue icing and one with pink. I think the blue is to commemorate the new born prince, Prince Alexander Erik, but don't confirm this. We wander outside, it's lunch time so there are many gorgeous people catching up. But where do you lunch? There's an answer for this... follow the old people after all they are always right about the places to get cake so why not lunch in general. So we do and they take us to Köttebullekällaren. It's not a spectacular place by any means but it's simple fare with a so so salad bar which we have a small plate of but most importantly we do have the dagens special, 3 meatballs with mash and lingonberry - how very swedish for our first day in Sweden. We place our order at the counter and they quickly dish up a meal and place it before us. Rog goes to take it away and the man has to correct him as that particular plate is not for us - oops.

We have a further walk around, but we'll let the photos speak for themselves but nothing much really happens the rest of the day. (Apart from wading through hordes of Volvo people in the hotel).

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