John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

(Sorry, no pictures. It is an RV repair day.)

It is official. We have been on the road for a week. We have made it from New Jersey to Central Ohio. Things are going as usual.

We are up early. We drive to the Dodge dealership. They do not seem too busy. John and Peggy pick us up and we go to breakfast.

Back in Sunbury, we wait. I sure am glad that we are not in the dealership waiting room all day. I read my book.

Around lunchtime, I call. The problem is pretty much what we expected. They will call when they are done.

By 3:00, I am getting antsy. I hate waiting! I call again. There is still a misfire. The mechanic put some “engine cleaner” in and wants to take another test drive in an hour or so. If there is still a problem, this could get expensive.

It is a stressful two hours. John and I consider all of the “worst case” possibilities.

John H. takes us back to the dealership. “The RV is fine. There is no misfire. Enjoy your trip.” I guess we got a good mechanic.

The price is okay. John gets a military discount! Life is again in balance. Tomorrow, we head west.

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