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The Vapiano cup collection continues

Bergen to Oslo train journey

Bergen to Oslo train journey

Bergen to Oslo train journey




Princess tårte

A quick breakfast and we are off. The day is raining, nej pouring and we discuss the need for getting a cab to the train station. Alas we are also running out of time as we are leaving just a bit later than expected and don't really have time to wait around for a cab and set out on foot instead. The trains station is pretty direct from the hotel and so over the rough cobble stones we go. Rog's cold has gotten worse but he struggles through. Almost there, however and he takes a tumble tripping on his suitcase and slides across the footpath and through a rather deep puddle like he's sliding into third base (oh wow who would have expected a sports reference). We get to the station and have just enough time for Rog to make his way to the mens room, credit card in hand (as that's the way you pay to get into cubicles), change his pants and climb into our warm and comfortable carriage. Safely seated we discover that there is a machine for free coffee, tea and hot chocolate and not that cheap crappy type of hot chocolate out of a packet that you might expect but quite yummy hot chocolate so several mugs worth are drunk before we reach Oslo. It is here that we change trains for Gothenburg. Our cabin isn't full but it does have reserved seating. We sit across from two individual people, sitting at a seating setting for four with a table. The woman across from us at the window decides that the sunshine was too much for her to read her book so she puts the blind down without asking. Our plan is to read or nap so its not really a problem though it would be nice to be able to look out at the passing countryside since we're not going to see it again any time soon.

In some ways fortunate and in some ways not our hotel in Gothenburg is located directly opposite the train station. We cut through the tunnel under the main road, enter into the shopping centre and then exit to go into the hotel which is packed. We ask at the counter and yes the hotel is full. Apparently there is a convention slash competition for volvo truck (and bus) salespersons, they arrive the day we do and leave the day we do ... err ... this is going to be fun. Our first interaction is where we find that Volvo salespersons aren't really prepared to share elevators. At least the room is (small but) comfortable. (Gav - the pillows are terrible here, what's with this small square with a few feathers inside it that passes as a pillow?).

Thankfully Gothenburg has a Vapiano. We've been dying to have some decent pasta so off we trot. It's not far away, though we have to make our way through some somewhat slightly seedy crowd around the central station/shopping centre area.

Unfortunately the hotel doesn't have a bath.

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