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Our trips always have a little “drama.” I repeat myself.

We have a great morning here at John and Peggy’s. We go out to breakfast. Jake is going to stop by so we take care of some jobs on our “to-do” list. John F and I wash the top of the RV. I could not reach this part at home. John H. scraps off the old state stickers on the side of the RV. They are faded and starting to peal.

We visit with Jake. We say our good-byes. We are on our way. Not far down the road, we see the old “Check Engine” light.

We stop to get gas. We return the fan that we do not need. We pull into the Dodge Dealership. It is Saturday. They assure us that they can take care of us on Monday.

We go to an auto parts store. They read the computer code but it tells us little. We do not think it is serious but . . .

We head back to John and Peggy’s house. We will stay here tonight and think over our options. Peggy is cooking pork for dinner.

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