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Peggy Checks the Horses

John and Jack

Two days ago, I wrote that our trips always have a little “drama.” Yesterday afternoon our fan in the RV quit. Fortunately, there is an RV store within forty minutes of here.

After a great breakfast in Gelena, John H and Peggy take us to get our new fan. Back home, John H and John F get ready to do the install. John F opens the fan lid and the fan runs. He gives everything a good cleaning. We will return the new fan tomorrow. I guess the fan just needed a rest.

We had a second stop after buying the fan. We considered upgrading John’s computer before we left home. We decided to wait. He is now having some problems.

We stop at Best Buy. John has a new computer. I spend the afternoon getting John’s new computer up and running.

I think we are now on track. AGAIN.

It has been a good visit. John and Peggy’s grandchildren find time to visit in the afternoon. After they head home, we go out to dinner. This is always a fun stop with lots of laughter.

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