John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog


West Virginia



Old "Y-Bridge" Picture

We both get a good night’s rest. John’s older CPAP machine is working.

We head west on I70. Our first stop is Cabela’s in West Virginia. This is a regular stop.

We travel around Wheeling, WV. West Virginia is not very wide here. Soon we cross the Ohio River and are in the state of Ohio.

We get off the interstate before Zanesville. We travel the National Road. The National Road takes us across the “Y-Bridge.” We have done this before.

We continue on the National road toward Columbus. We miss the “S Bridges.” They may have been before Zanesville.

Route 37 takes us north to Sunbury. We arrive at my cousin Peggy and John’s home by 2:30. John is out and Peggy has another barn to take care of so we are relaxing. We will visit this evening.

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