John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Outside Pittsburgh, PA

Nice Area

Probably Really Big Fish Here!

Almost Alone

Our trips always have a little “drama.” John’s CAP machine (for sleep apnea) would not turn on last night. After much troubleshooting, we have decided that it is done for. Fortunately, John brought his old machine. We are not turning back!

This morning, we make calls to see if we can get a replacement machine. Our medical supply store returns our call. The one year warranty on our machine has passed. Medicare says that John can get a new machine every five years. It has not been five years. We will continue to work on this but the trip goes on. His old machine still works.

We head north from Gettysburg to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We crossed Pennsylvania on Route 30 once. It was fun but not something we will do every trip.

The turnpike is in good shape. The traffic is not bad. The scenery is nice. Unfortunately, once you reach 60 miles per hour, the scenery just flies by. We are not a part of it. I see side roads and feel we belong on them.

We make one stop at Sidling Hill Rest Area. There are lots of kids here. It is class trip time. I do not miss class trips!

The good news is that we are across Pennsylvania. The weather is great. The RV is running fine. Tomorrow, we will be in Ohio.

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