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Bus station

Heading where?

Very broad avenues

Homes neat, tidy

No doubt what's used for heat in winter here

Strange mixes...suburban sprawl or agricultural clusters?

More strange mixes...commercial and residential along a major highway?! Who's planning or...

Beautiful valleys

Tiny villages amidst farmland

More Tiny villages amidst farmland

This seems to be the more traditional way, apartments above businesses

More apartments above businesses

And typically, men sitting around drinking coffee in a.m.

Most roads are like a wide valley, snowcapped mtns in background

Construction refuse dumped by a waterway?!

New building for??? Totally empty...

Swimming pool connected to soccer field...sports complex??

A bus station/stop...Mare & Bon

Wierd mix along a boulevard of housing commercial and ?

I can almost smell the fresh baked bread a rest stop

A wide valley and mosque country

A farmstead in the valley

Town by river/lake and...

Below the town, downstream...a dam, a quarry, ??

Still further away, a fire got out of control, or ?

New typical apartment housing

Still, great scenery


Living by the goat

Old farm house...

A close up view


Little buzzers houses....

Hmmm, don't think I'd like to live here!

Bon, what ARE you doing?

Fortress ruins on a hilltop -

Kind of gives our location at this point

People love their grape vine arbors and car shading covers

No messing around with lawns in these yards, fill em up with...

fill em up with fruit & garden

fill em up with fruit & garden

fill em up with fruit & garden


And still more...


Ulcinj lake shore/beach

Medina (Divia Travel) and her daughter

Ulcinj looking back from lakeshore/beach

Sellers along the boardwalk

The old and the new

Along the walk/steps down to the lakefront


Mari woke early to say her snit was over and she was OK for leaving early. Bon mumbled something in response - it was 5:30 a.m. I voted to get up and go so we did! Left Hotel Donarti at 6 a.m.

On our walk to the bus station we discovered that if we had turned left instead of right out of the bus station, it would have been maybe 5 minutes to the 5 star hotel, ha! At any rate, we arrived at the bus station about 6:15 and a very nice man - maybe boss of the station - who spoke English, explained our options which included a bus directly to Montenegro (ULCINJ), a coastal tourist town in the S. described as the best seaside town and is 65% Albanian!

We've found both Albanians and Montenegrans very friendly and fewer in Kosovo. Kosovo is into commercial development it appears, centered around the automobile, not pedestrians. I would describe the road from Ferizoj to Pristina as an example of commercial sprawl the entire way! Ugly, Ugly Ugly!

Our bus to Ulcinj leaves at 8a.m.Because we are on this very early bus we get seats in the very front so as you can see, I took tons of photos, ha! Heading out of Pristina it is obvious to me there is NO zoning! Totally inappropriate mixes of commercial, industrial, and residential building. Litter and rufuse land fill is everywhere. To me , there is no governmental oversight apparent in development here. I would say this is what the libertarian right ideas bring. The wealthy do what they want and the politically 'paid off' police force everyone to accept the consequences.

The countryside/agriculture still reflects some semblance of rationality. We arrive in Prizren about 9:15 and then left with a full bus at 10 a.m. getting to Ulcinj about 3 in the afternoon. In a bit of a flurry - once again we learn our lesson not to let taxi drivers rule the conversation - and opt to go with a taxi driver ostensibly to 'check/see an apt. but we end up staying. 10 Euro each = 30 total and quite a distance from "Old Town"

Going for our walk to Old Town we chance a stop at a travel agency, Divia Travel, where a very nice lady owner, Medina Zhugjeli Coba, ends up helping us arrange a tour of Montenegro. We debated because it is 110 Euros but since it would be impossible to see all the sights we're interested in by bus, plus buses would cost about 15-29 Euros each anyway, it seemed prudent to pay an added 20 E. each and actually see stuff!

It also avoids hauling our bags around as well since Erol (driver/guide), will drop us at the border to Croatia

Little did we know what that would get us into...but that story is for the next day!

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