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Made three stops on my way to Mesquite. The first was the Ethel M candy factory in Henderson. Ethel was the mother of Forrest Mars - creator of M&M's and founder of the Mars candy empire. Not much going on at the factory today and I didn't think it necessary to walk a cactus garden after spending six months in the desert!

On my way into Las Vegas I stopped at the Pinball Hall of Fame. We owned a pinball machine for years and the kids and I used to have "challenges" all the time. Owen is the proud owner of that Bally machine and keeps it in wonderful condition for us to play whenever we are at his apartment. I played the new ultra difficult Lord of the Rings machine at the Hall and let's just say that my score was FAR from what would be needed to enter any of their tournaments.

The scenic drive through the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area was impressive even on a cloudy drizzly day. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be on a sunny day.

I arrived at Jane and Jim's just in time for a delicious steak dinner. I missed spending time with them this winter . I'll be here for a couple of days so there will be plenty of time to catch up.

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