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Hensley Lake

Baldassare Forestiere

Hand tools used to dig

Grafted Orange/Lemon tree

100 year old wine grape vine

Personal altar

Church bell (used like doorbell)

Dining table (used to have a tree growing thru hole in middle)


Ice box in kitchen




Underground driveway

Orange tree growing up through skylight

Red wolf

White Rhino

Elephant getting food from hole in the wall


Resting Meercat

She talks to the animals

And he has a large wingspan . . .

Woodpecker across the street from our site

We left Ahwanee and went back towards Fresno about 13 miles. We are staying at an Escapees (SKP) RV park. Escapees parks are primarily sites that people own and live there full time. They also have some that can be rented out to the rest of us. This is a really nice park that has over 250 sites. It is quite hilly and very pretty. It includes a large clubhouse where they host socials, potluck dinners, movie nights, card games and many other activities. There is also a large lending library which includes books, VHS tapes and DVDs. I borrowed a book and a couple of movies. It was quite nice. They also have a nice bathhouse and large laundry room. There are all the amenities of home!

To Tim's delight there is a casino (Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino) only about 3 miles from us. I had to call and find out about poker tournaments. Well . . . they don't even have a poker room. He was disappointed. But, there is another one (Table Mountain) o1nly about 23 miles away in Friant. They do have a poker room and a tournament. Happy Tim! He got into a poker tournament that night and won!! Yea!!

On Friday we did a little geocaching and explored around the area a bit. That night we had a wonderful dinner at Chukchansi Casino. We went to Table Mountain on Saturday for the poker tournament. Unfortunately there were only 2 people signed up for it, so Tim played some regular Texas Hold'em. He had fun anyway.

Sunday we took another ride out into the country and did some geocaching. Hunting for those little treasures takes us into some areas that we wouldn't otherwise see. There is some really beautiful country out here. We also visited Hensley Lake. Very nice, but way low as are most of the lakes out here.

Tuesday afternoon we were going out for a ride. The Jeep wouldn't start. The starter was bad (not good). Luckily our site sits at the top of a hill so we were able to push it and get it started by popping the clutch in 2nd gear. Went into town to get the part, but that auto parts store couldn't get it in until Thursday. That won't work! There is a store back in Oakhurst that could get the part in by 3:30, so we were able to pick it up later in the afternoon. Tim got it replaced and got us back in business. He is such a genius! That evening we went back to Table Mountain for a poker tournament. Tim talked me into playing in this one. I was a nervous wreck, but I did alright. The tournament started at 7:00 and I didn't get out until 8:20. I hung in there longer than I expected!! Tim was out about 30 minutes after me. But, we had fun!!

For our last day we decided to go into Fresno. When looking up things to do in Fresno, 3 show up - Yosemite, Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno Chaffee Zoo. We have already been to Yosemite, so we decided to see the gardens and zoo.

The Forestiere Underground Gardens are just amazing!! An Italian immigrant, Baldassare Forestiere, worked for 40 years (1906 - 1946) building a home and gardens underground. It is a maze of tunnels based on the catacombs. All the hardpan (rock) that he dug out of the ground was used to build his home underground. It is still owned by the Forestiere family. He was also a horticulturist and grafted many citrus trees to contain multiple types of fruit on one tree. He had one tree that grew seven different fruits, but due to the loss of limbs for various reasons, it now only contains 2 types of oranges. There is also a grape vine that is over 100 years old and is still producing wine grapes. Just amazing!!! It is unbelievable how much work he did to produce this wonderful place.

After that we went to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. It is a really nice zoo with quite a variety of animals. We wandered around in there for several hours. Both of these are places you should visit if you get out to this area. You won't be disappointed. We will be leaving tomorrow heading north towards Sacramento. Until next time . . .

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