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Morning mist obscures the mountains

March 30, 2016

Not much to write about today because we both are feeling lousy: coughing, sore throat, pain in the chest and back when coughing, etc., etc.

The group is going on a water adventure today - we are staying put! No energy. We sit on our "porch" in two easy chairs until it gets too hot there and then lie down on our beds with the fans on! We want to sleep all the time. Doesn't sound like a fun holiday does it?!

We do decide to go out at one point and get a Thai massage. We are given a kind of "uniform" and the massage therapist presses her elbows, arms, even her feet sometimes, on different muscle groups. She also sits on the bed beside us; sometimes sits on top of our legs and then again bends our legs in a variety of different directions. For the head massage she sits behind us and invites us to lie our head on the pillow in her lap. She does a very good head, face, neck and shoulder massage.

On our "slow" walk we met a young woman from Berlin with a little boy. She could not get any money out of two ATMs. Brian tries to help her - no success. She is close to tears as she is leaving for Bangkok that night and needs money. We give her some money so she can call her sister to clear things up.

Then we go by the pharmacy and buy some over the counter medicine for a sore throat and a dry cough. The day goes by slowly. At night we have some dinner with the group. We discover that one other group member has exactly the same symptoms as us. Then it is back to bed. We do sleep a bit better than the night before - don't wake up as much.

Another day in paradise? It'll get better we're sure.

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