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Surprisingly I woke at 9 am, slightly after Bryan. This never happens! It also happens to be Bryan's 48th birthday! We decided to go play tennis and let Payton sleep a little longer before breakfast since the weather was cooler, and slightly overcast. The spa building provided racquets and balls and even sent someone with towels and water for us a few minutes after we got on the courts. The resort has 2 hard courts surrounded by woods. For an hour we played, ultimately Bryan won the set ( it is his birthday after all!).

The resort breakfast was a lovely buffet with cappuccinos and eggs to order. We enjoyed some fruit, pastries, cappuccinos, fresh orange juice, and a wonderful selection of prosciutto and other hams and cheeses overlooking the pool. Afterwards we drove down to Bodega Narbona to see the winery and determine if we should have Bryan's birthday dinner there or at our hotel restaurant. The Narbona winery was cute but not nearly as charming as the Basta Pedro from the night prior or as nice as the hotel restaurant, so the decision was made to stay at our resort.

We did stop at Basta Pedro to order two pizzas to take back to our private patio for lunch with a bottle of wine. Payton's was so fresh and flavorful last night. When we arrived at 1 pm they were making the pizza dough fresh and pre baking it in the outdoor pizza oven. We wandered around the small marina while they made ours and into a tiny, one room stone church next to the restaurant. As we waited the sky slowly started to look more and more like it would rain. Pizzas in hand we returned to our room and relaxed inside and outside on our covered patio. Unfortunately in the unit next to us were chain smokers and loud talkers, making it tough to stay outside. We had the same issue the day before, finally Bryan decided to request a room change. By 3 pm the sky was dark and rain was imminent. It was clear that our 5 pm horseback riding won't happen. Lightening and thunder started and the rain began shortly thereafter. If we were going to be stuck anywhere in a rainstorm this would be the place! They told us that by 5 pm they'd have a new room for us so we just relaxed until that time. We moved to room D19 on the other side of the main lobby and had a beautiful view of the vineyard and water...through the rain. At 7 pm Bryan and I went to enjoy the pool before dinner. With little other indoor activities it was much busier today; we had the pool to ourselves but the hot tub was full. At 8:30 pm we had dinner in the restaurant onsite, perfect to not have to go out into the downpour. We each had a pasta dish, though Bryan could taste nothing with his sinus issues which had been bothering him for several days. Payton and I both ordered a gnocchi stuffed with brie. It was really unique and delicious. I also tried the medio y medio drink which is a mix of champagne and white wine...mmmmm. Why didn't I try it sooner? For Bryan's birthday they brought him a cake with what looked like a huge flair coming out of it. I guess when you're 48 you need a big candle. The cake was like a thin ice cream cake (but wasn't) with chocolate base, white cream, chocolate ice cream and a chocolate ganache with chocolate disks around the edge. It wasn't like any cake we'd ever had but it was delicious! We didn't spend much longer celebrating since Bryan's sinus' were really bothering him, so we headed back to our room. It was still raining so hard that the power went out several times and water began leaking into the unit from the ceiling onto our bed and bathroom floor. We actually had to pull the bed away from the wall about a foot to keep Bryan from getting the chinese water treatment on his head. We facetimed Brandon, watched The Voice on TV then called it a night.

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