Eke & Brian - Bangkok to Bali - 2016 travel blog

Waiting to disembark the train


Brian under the mosquito netting

View from our porch

Walking around

Eke's salad

View from the "dining room"



Flying salamander on the night walk.

It's early morning on the train.

After a long night of sleeping in spurts with long periods of lying awake, we decided at 5:45 am to start the ritual again of a visit to the "Western" toilet, brushing teeth at the public sink and putting on a clean shirt. We then had a cup of tea/coffee delivered. The steward wanted to deconstruct our beds and create our seats back again so we were ready for our arrival in Surat Tani.

At 7:30 am we arrived at our destination and made our way out of the train with the heavy backpacks on our backs. Right across from the train stop (cannot call it a station because it was stepping from the train right onto the sidewalk) was an open air breakfast nook where we all had a good breakfast. Both of us were developing a nasty cough which we attributed to the diesel fumes and the air conditioning in the train.

Our minivan arrived and after loading all our "stuff" we were off to Khao Sok National Park. The trip took about two hours. We arrived at the "Morning Mist" resort. The name "Morning Mist" refers to the fact that in the morning the mist hides the mountains surrounding it. The resort consists of a lodge with open walled eating areas, a swimming pool, and different cabins around it which are somewhat hidden in the jungle. The views are beautiful and the flowers amazing. The lodge is kept close to nature. For example, furniture - heavy solid wood benches and tables looking like just cut off a tree. Walls are not necessary - only a roof is needed for protection from the rain and sun. We never detected any bugs!

Our cabin is very rustic and simple: no air conditioning, we can see the ground through the slits between the floor planks, two beds, that is it! We do have two fans, mosquito nets, a shower with some warm water and a western (not a squat) flush toilet!

Brian was feeling worse as time went on and slept a lot in the afternoon. We did go to the pool later in the afternoon. The swim actually cooled down the body a bit. The heat is beginning to really wear on both of us. The temperature is consistently between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius.

We did have some dinner as a group together. The food is very good. After dinner Brian went back to bed. Eke went on a night trek through the jungle with most of the group. Our guide is very knowledgeable, has a vey strong headlamp and finds all kind of creatures: spiders, chameleons, frogs, snakes, sleeping birds and even a young baby sloth moving slowly high in the trees. It was interesting and very tiring for Eke as she was beginning to sweat profusely and every step became a huge effort. Turning back was not an option because it was pitch black and we were on small zigzag paths through the jungle.

Another fitful night with waking up lots of times and now with lots of coughing going on. Our bodies are starting to hurt from the coughing. One good thing: the fans are on, the windows open and the temperature is more bearable!

Good night, or so we hope!

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