New route 15/16 travel blog

Well we can certainly tell we are pointed north my friends. Temps in the 20/30F range at nite for last few days sure makes you miss the desert areas. Leisurely drive to our friends place here in the Bald Mountain area. Elevation 7400 ft and snow out of the motorhome front window. Have had a great visit but will continue our trek on Monday for that place called home. Have done lots of visiti9ng/eating/odd bit of gambling, in Nevada imagine, its right after guns I think as the most popular sport in these here parts. Few minor issues to look after on the motorhome when we return but it continues to treat us well. No race today so we all are kind of wandering around aimlessly here but we will survive. Take care and will keep you informed of our progress this week. Will stop in Victoria briefly to drop some goodies off to the kids and then point to Valley Vista.

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