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Cat nap at Hong Kong Airport

Good Friday, March 25.

Waking up at 5 am. Breakfast at 6am. Coming outside from the hotel we have to scrape the ice of our car. Later we hear that the ice storm hit overnight;lots of people have lost power |(Tony and Kim included) and trees have come down. The hotel is conveniently located not even 5 minutes from Park & Fly. Our car is taken care of, we board the bus and head for the airport. Everything moves very smoothly and we are through security at 8 am. Our flight leaves at 10 am with boarding starting at 9:20 am.

We are in the air shortly after 10 am and our long flight to Hong Kong has started! Fifteen hours in the air! A long time sitting! We strike up a conversation with our seat mate. Turns out that he is a young (38) man who grew up in Kitchener, is living in Hong Kong now and is a pilot with Cathay Pacific Airline and his parents came to Canada from the Netherlands as young children. He even speaks some Dutch yet. Brian is not surprised. He had remarked often that wherever we are we run into Dutch people!

Knowing that we are spending the next 15 hours in these chairs is daunting and we do mention once and a while: "five hours done, ten more to go". Eke gets up regularly to do stretching and visit the bathroom (following the good advice of drinking lots of water!). It does help to keep the body more comfortable. Sleeping is almost impossible and we pass the time with reading, watching some TV, a movie, eating and attempting to doze once and a while. At long last we hit the ground in Hong Kong at local time 1:20pm, which is 1:20am in Canada. Then it is a 2 and a half hour wait for our next flight to Bangkok. Eke manages to drift off for 10 minutes or so in the lounge.

Hong Kong airport (the small part we saw of it) is very modern and very spacious.

Boarding is fast and smooth and we are up in the air again at 4:10pm local time. It is only a three hour flight to Bangkok. Bangkok is one hour behind Hong Kong and so we arrive in Bangkok at 6pm. Going through customs, waiting for the backpacks and then we have arrived! By now it is Saturday evening and we have been up more than twenty four hours.

Our driver is there and it is another hour driving from the airport to our hotel Nouvo City Hotel in Bangkok. Traffic is busy. We are in our room before 8pm, get out of our clothes and hit the bed. Sleep again is not easy to be accomplished. Eke says we are just like babies, two hours of sleep, wake up, go to the bathroom, get something to snack on (Brian), talk for a while and doze off again for another two hours.

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