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Reception Building

Our room

The swimming pool that we never had a chance to swim in

Lots of gardens along the walkways

The Costa Rican condominium that houses many different insects

The boat to travel along Lake Arenal as a shortcut. We were...

Arenal Volcano

View of mountains as we travelled along Lake Arenal

Rolling pasture land along the shores of Lake Arenal

Tropical rain forests between the pasture land

Catching our bus to Monteverde

Wind farms

Volcanoes in the background

Taking the afternoon off cross-stitching while resting my sprained ankle

Walked into town to have dinner at this very unusual restaurant

The restaurant had a real tree growing up through the middle

Metal staircase wrapped around the tree

You walked up the stairs along the tree trunk to get to...

Paul hit his head on a branch while walking up the stairs


The tree was lit up at night

Sunset in Monteverde

We had a short bus ride to Lake Arenal, which is the largest lake in Costa Rica. We boarded a boat and rode down the lake. In the background we could see Arenal Volcano. It's peak was hidden most of the time with cloud cover. We also could see Cerro Chato volcano right beside it. Lake Arenal is a long, beautiful lake surrounded by rolling hills that are partly pastured and partly forested. Rainbow-bass are fished in this lake. These fighting fish are known in Central America as 'guapote' and are large members of the cichlids family. Their sharp teeth and fighting nature make them a real challenge for fishermen. We travelled down the lake for an hour and then got on a bus. We travelled from the Central Valley up into the Montevetde Cloud forest region. The changes in elevation create unique microclimates and ecosystems throughout this region. There are rainforests, cloud forests, jungle rivers, waterfalls, mountain lakes, lowland marshes and unbelievable wealth of birds and other wildlife.We arrived at "Historias Lodge" in Monteverde. This village was settled in 1951 by Quakers from USA who wanted to leave behind the fear of war, as well as their obligation to support continued militarism through paying US taxes. They chose Costa Rica since it had abolished its army a few years earlier, in 1948. Although they came here to farm land, they did recognize the need to preserve the rare cloud forest that covered the mountain slopes above their fields. Thus they dedicated the largest adjacent tract of cloud forest as the "Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve". Monteverde means "Green Mountain" When we got settled in our lodge, we took the afternoon relaxing. I put up my wrapped sprained ankle, cross stitching and enjoying the sun.

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