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Not sure I'd schedule a procedure there; note surgery table in lower...

17th Century Portuguese Fort Tower

Lidia in the 3 foot thick fort doorway

Colorful Pedi-Cabs

I wonder if that sign has been cleared with the Texas Marketing...

Not a well-funded gov't department


Melaka, or as formerly spelled Malacca, was a quick two-hour bus ride north from Singapore. Customs clearances, first to leave Singapore, and next to enter Malaysia took another hour. At least we had our passports. One unhappy would-be traveler on our bus left his in Singapore and had to return there to get it.

Melaka is one of those Rip Van Winkle towns that the world passed by at a time in its history. And hence there are some sections remarkably preserved. UNESCO designated it a World Heritage site in 2008.

It was Malay fishing village till the end of the 14th century when a trading port was established there by a Shah from present day Singapore. Located at a narrow passage in the Straits of Malacca (between Malaysia & Sumatra) it could control trade through those waters. That eventually did not sit well with the Portuguese, who conquered it in 1511. 130 years later the Dutch took control. The British then took control in the early 19th century. WWII was Japanese control, followed by a Malaysian Union, and then independence in 1957.

Melaka is a relatively small city that is walkable, though the sights are few. The street market stalls for various food types are as enjoyable as those of Singapore, and the prices less. Only spent a couple days, and now we're headed to the big city of Kuala Lampur.

Ciao for now


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