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Buddhist Temple Behind our Hotel

Lidia Reading Her Chinese New Year's Fortune

Central Fire Station

Down by Boat Quay

Clarke Quay w/ Canopy

The Man Behind the Modern Day Post Office; The REAL Post Master...

Lili and 'Bird' by Botero

Esplanade Theatres

Interesting Apartment Buildings

Thendayuthapani Hindu Temple in Chinatown

Sri Mariamaman Temple Tower - Oldest in Singapore

Temple Interior


Harry - When did you take up the needle & thread ?

Posted Prices for Driving Downtown

Sri Veeramakaliamman Hindu Temple

Statue Detail - Remind you of Anything/One ? Hint - Charlton Heston

Veeramakaliamman Interior Detail

Lidia & The Tiger at Sakaya Muni Buddhist Temple

Sakaya Temple Exterior

Sakaya Interior

Marina Bay Sands Complex

Side View of M.B. Sands

View from 55th floor of Marina Bay Sands w/ queued cargo ships

Apartment Buildings Looking Towards the Changi Airport

I Hope There's a Net on the Other Side of That 55th...

Park Below

Well we're back thru the time warp and into the 21st century. Singapore is very modern, clean, safe, great mass transit, HUGE selection of international cuisine types, and lots to see. Seems much is state managed, and very efficiently. From housing, to urban development, to buying a car AND when & where you can drive it are 'managed'. There's personal choice, but it all comes with a price tag. The license to buy a car costs as much as the cost of a car (Porsche) in the U.S. !! And that license may not be valid till ten years later !!!! The ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) gantries you see everywhere are a real indicator of the technologies utilized in this physically small but populous city-state to manage personal vehicle travel. The ERP automatically charges you for using a road depending on day, time & congestion of that road, AND may not even let you on it, if it's too crowded or you are not duly licensed to use it! It is amazing how traffic always moves in such a densely populated city even at rush hour.

Near to our hotel is a Chinese street market and a Buddhist Temple. The market has everything you could possibly need, or not, to buy, or not. The market & the Temple contribute a wafting aroma to the atmosphere; the temple due to the ever-burning incense continually 'offered' by the ever-changing multitudes of worshipers. The market stalls had, flowers, fruits, vegetables, & spices, and there were also the vendors cooking up dozens of take-away edibles.

Singapore, an island, has regional history dating to the 13th century but when the Portuguese burned the town in the early 17th century it did not rise again till the early 19th century when Sir Raffles of England established it as a British trading port. Hence architecture is from the 19th century to present. As one of the busiest shipping ports in the world, and one of the top two since the 1960's, there's lots of interesting diverse modern architecture. The number & variety of Hindu, Buddhist (four different sects), and Taoist Temples are a treat to visit.

The major mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, European, with various other Asian cultures added, to the culinary bouillabaisse results in a gastronomic cornucopia. You can spend lots at a 'Michelin' restaurant or a fraction thereof at 'kitchen stall malls' and have delicious food to satisfy your desires.

We really could have spent more time here, but need to move on to Malaysia to have some time to explore there.

Ciao for now

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