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Welcome USS Midway

San Diego Harbor

Candy in pilot seat

F4U Corsair

Looking Aft on flight deck

The island

USS Carl Vinson CVA70

A4E Skyhawk

The overhang

Candy Segway

What an awesome day this was. The weather was clear and 70 degrees so we drove to downtown San Diego. Our destination was the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier museum moored at Navy Pier which is across the harbor from the US Naval Base San Diego. This was the largest aircraft carrier when launched eight day after WW II ended. The ship is 1001 ft. long, 258 ft. wide, reach a speed of 33 knots or 37 miles per hour and had a crew of 4500, including the air wing. The ship was named for the Battle of Midway Island at the beginning of World War II. It had a long career from 1945 to 1992 when it was decommissioned. It was involved in the Korean War, Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. I think I may have operated with this ship in the Gulf of Tonkin.

We arrived just as they were opening at 10:00 am, so we were in line to get our tickets and I struck up a conversation with one of the volunteers. He told us to follow him, so we did, and he took us aboard the ship and we didn’t have to pay for admission, US Navy hat paid off today. The start of the tour is in the hanger deck where all the planes are stored and repaired. It is huge when you think that they can put 90 airplanes inside. We had a great time and all of the volunteers are ex-Navy and very friendly. We decided to have lunch on board at the snack bar, as I was getting a coffee a lady struck up a conversation with me and paid for my coffee. There are some very nice people in the world. She had lived in San Diego for the last three years and this was the first time she had visited the USS Midway.

We were there until 1:30 pm when I needed to take Candy for her San Diego Segway. You know she loves the Segway tours in town that have them. I dropped her off for her 2 hour tour so I went back to the ship for some time aboard.

We were able to see the USS Carl Vison CVA70 across the bay tied up at the Naval Base. The Car Vision is still in commission, it was commissioned in 1982 so it is still new. It is 1092 feet long and 252 feet wide with a crew of 6062.

I left the ship at 4:00 to pick up Candy from the Segway and we headed back to the motorhome. That will be it for today.

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