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Wind Turbines

Ray and Carol

Time for us to move on, we have been in the same spot for five days which is not normal for us. Ray and Carol were going to drive to one of their children’s home to spend a few days also. The timing was just right for us to leave.

The route that the GPS plotted took us direct over the mountains which I was wondering if there was a better route. I talked with some other folks about the drive and they told me that the best way was to have the wife drive the tow vehicle over the mountains and hook up later. The roads were very narrow and a lot of switch backs, also watch my brakes on the downhill side because it was a 6 – 9 grade, which is pretty steep. One couple told me I would be better off to back track a little so I could get back on Interstate 8 for the drive to San Diego. I did take their advice and plotted my route that way. Even going this route most of it was flat desert driving there were some small mountains we drove thru. The passes we went thru on the passenger side was straight up, Candy could have reached out the window and touched the walls and on the driver side it was straight down. No room for error in those passes. The mountain range on Interstate 8 goes from about 500 feet above sea level to over 4000 feet at around a 6% grade up and down the other side. For such a short drive it was tiring so we decided to stop early and get a campground. We have found out that campgrounds in California are very expensive to what we are use to. We did find one in El Cajon that sounded nice and it right off Interstate 8. It was the Oak Creek RV Resort and the rate was $63.00 per night with full hook-ups. All campgrounds in this area are about the same price other than this campground is a Passport America Campground, 50% off which put it to $31.00 per night. We were going to stay one night but decided to stay until Monday morning. I changed my appointment for the oil change on the motorhome to Monday so we will spend some time here. Time to just sit back and take it easy.

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