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Our campsite.


Latout of the entire compound.

Banyon tree planted by Edison in the late 1800's. 1/4 acre in...

how would you like a bogonvilla this size in your yard.

this area once held the lab, now in Michigan.

another shot of the inside of the old lab area.

The oldest existjng structure in Fort Myers.

The Bamboo that got Edison to buy the property.

Swimming pool with thw 500 gal cistern at the far end.

Remaining 500 feet of a 1500 foot pier built by Edison.

Would you believev a African Pine tree.

The back porches with a few of the visitors.

Inside the 1st house.


Living room.

Dining room.

Kitchen in the 2nd house.

And the Fire protection install by Edison.

Would you believe, a sausage tree lso from Africa.

Told you. They fall, ripen and are ate by Rhino's, which get...

Back yard from the other side.

Henry Fords home back side next door.

Living room.


Back yard.

Front of the house.

Oh, and more Condos in the distance.

There is not a lot to do in Fort Meyers, unless you swim or boat. We decided on a tour of Thomas Edison and Henry Fords summer homes. Seems quite a few others did too. The 1 1/2 hr. tour took about 4 hrs, but was worth it. Decided to head back to the MH to check on the pups.

Edison came south for his wife's health and bought the property because of the Bamboo growing along the shore. Built a 1500 foot pier out into the shallow Caloosahatchee River to allow ships from New Jersey with his home building supplies to unload. He also built a cistern so they had running water, bathrooms and even a fire protection system.

Edison was also a Botanist as well as a inventor, so you will see pictures of all kinds and types of plants. His main goal was finding a source of rubber that could be produced here in the U.S., rather then Brazil, etc. The discovery was a weed/flower called Golden Rod. It is still used to this day on airplane tires.

He later convince Henry Ford his friend to purchase the place next door. There were many guests at the complex including a few presidents.

If you been following us all along, you will remember us touring the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Michigan. The Edison Lab in Greenfield, came from here.

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