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Chinese Museum House

Chinese Loving Chair

Down At The Jetty

Jetty Toilet

We had the morning to ourselves & went for a short walk along past where a large cruise liner was disgorging it's hundreds of guests. We watched the taxi drivers & tour sellers milling round them like flies round a honey pot.

Gabby & her dad picked us up at midday & we had another little tour round before lunch. After lunch we went to look around an old Chinese house which has been turned into a museum of sorts. The owner has collected masses of furniture, clothing, jewellery etc and set them out in the old house. It probably wouldn't have been our choice of something to do but the experience was brought to life for us by one of the guides who led us round, room by room. It was a fun & informative tour & I promised to put a review on the Trip Advisor web site, which I did later back at the hotel.

We all went out again for dinner & this time we ended up at the Tsunami Village restaurant on the Norrh coast. We had a seafood feast on an open air deck right beside the beach. We didn't want another late night so after dinner we just had a look found the lovely Hard Rock Hotel plus a visit to a big Tesco store to get some shoes & then we said a grateful farewell to our lovely Penang family.

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