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The Swartberg Pass. Lots to see!!!

As you see the road is just a bit narrow... (Don't look...

Hellooooooo!!!!! Baboonie!!!!!! :)

Incredible scenery. So hard to put words to how 'small' one feels...

'Tah-Dahhh!' It's as if Garry put the mountains here for us. Stunning.

After all the giraffe-excitement (and I finally stopped crying...) we continued our drive and ended up at the extremely mountainous and narrow Swartberg Pass. What a spectacular way to see the Swartberg mountain range which runs east-west along the northern edge of the Little Karoo in the Western Cape. The geography along this gravel road was amazing - we've never seen rock formations like this before!! Plus lots of baboons (or 'bobos' as I learned they are called by the locals), mongoose, a few deer and some secretary birds. Apparently there are leopards in these mountains too but somewhat thankfully, we didn't see any of those ;)

We eventually got to Prince Albert and (surprise surprise) it was HOT there!! We sat out at the Prince Albert Hotel's restaurant on the very posh & beautifully misted patio, and ordered lunch. We had:

-4x ginger beer (Andy & Garry each had 2)

-1 glass of wine (have I mentioned that a glass is actually a 1/2 carafe here is SA?)

-a charcuterie platter for Garry

-a pickled fish and salad platter for me

-ceasar salad for Andy

-2 slices of cake for dessert

-3 bottles of water

And again, we are not permitted to exclaim "WHAT? Why was this all so cheap??" But I will tell you our total bill was 350 Rand. That's about $32 CDN - for EVERYTHING. Including a 14% tax.


We continued the drive back to George, stopping in at a waterfall so we could all cool down. That was a relief. We were ALL officially exhausted. Giraffes, ostriches, baboons, beautiful scenery, a 1/2 carafe of wine for lunch + 38 degrees & sunshine = nightie night. (But yes, I still had time for Instagram & texting TMB first - ha ha)

Yet ANOTHER amazing day in South Africa!!!!

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