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Lots of people at the market!

Local artistry & shoes!

Meeting some local wildlife!

Hellooooooo Gemsbok!!

Ohhhh look at all the wildebeast!!! (And oddly enough, they are delicious...

The 'Up with Downs' Adult Class setting up morning coffee/tea for their...

Me, Kathy & Garry enjoying the great service!

The table settings were perfect.

Happy birthday to my brazza-Adam!!!


We decided to have a 'low-key' weekend. (I think Andy and Garry are getting tired of my GO-GO-GO personality! Ha!!) So today we went to the Sedgefield Craft & Farmers' Market to do some gift-shopping and enjoy various local South African treats! With hundreds & hundreds of food trucks and local artists/crafts to choose from, we found everything from scarves & handmade jewellry & art, to Koeksister (so similar to chrusty like Babcia used to make)!! We spent a few hours there chatting with locals and enjoying the atmosphere! Afterwards we went to the George Car Show which had thousands of cars, trucks, motorcycles,... Everything from really old (1920s to brand new). It was too hot for me so I enjoyed the views from a shady spot under a tree while Andy and Garry wandered around through the various exhibits. It was a world-class event with cars from everywhere - and even some that none of us have ever heard of! Very impressive. Of course on all the rides through town, there are always random animal-sightings. Today was wildebeest and springbok (so cute!!) and gemsbok. I will miss this when I have to leave!

The home we are residing at, The Up With Downs Training Centre, is the most unique and amazing environment I've ever had the privilege of staying at. The School and Training Centre are a non-profit organization aimed at providing children and adults who have special needs a safe and educational environment to grow and learn life skills. The adult students who attend here (Mon-Fri) have been baking for us every day, doing chores, and making us cards & gifts to come home to. The staff and teachers are amazing and our facility is huge - each evening/weekend when the students go back to their homes or hostel, we have this massive space to ourselves which includes a movie-room, pool, huge kitchen and livingroom - all pristine and clean. The amenities are endless and the lodging is all by donation. Our private rooms are so spacious and each include a giant ensuite bathroom as well. This facility was purchased only a short while ago, but I can see its going to be a big success going forward. We are very lucky to be staying here and enjoying being so spoiled!

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