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Roman Baths

Stelly here - Giving Shelly a break from the journal update today although she is doing a wonderful job. We are having a wonderful time and have the best travel buddies you could hope for. Have had a great day today. After leaving the hotel the coach took us for about two hours through beautiful English countryside stopping at a very cute village called Glastonbury for morning tea and then on to Bath. We were supplied with an audio recording and learned all about the ancient Roman Baths and were able to go right to the edge of the baths, very interesting. We were even able to taste the water which we all did except Michael. Poor Shelly has been feeling a bit sick ever since! The shops around the town square were amazing quaint shops as well as a lot of souvenir shops. Right in the town square was a beautiful old abbey dating back to the 1500's so amazing to walk through these ancient areas.

Shelly taking over now to fill in the second shift update....

We are now in Wales! We arrived at our hotel at around 4.30 and had a bit of downtime before dinner. I think most people used the time to catch up on washing! Dinner tonight was in Cardiff at an arts centre designed by Zaha Hadid, an internationally renowned architect who has designed a number of buildings we have seen on this trip so far. Tonight was a contemporary Welsh evening of entertainment and it was amazing. The entertainment was scattered throughout the meal and it was fabulous - both the food and the entertainment. There was some audience participation which thankfully we 4 managed to avoid, although some people from our group were not so lucky! Then the man asked who was travelling with their mother....unfortunately I seemed to be the only one but thankfully no participation was required and it was just a song about a young man courting his lady with her mother joining in all the time. It was very funny. The singers had the most wonderful voices and one of the young guys plays rugby for Wales in the under 20s team. If he plays as well as he sings then the Australian team could be in big trouble in a few years! Annemarie played lovely Welsh songs on the coach on the trip home.

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