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Part of the fun for me is the anticipation of a vacation. I enjoy the planning. Here it is, Valentine's Day. I will leave on my cruise in exactly two weeks.

I plan to leave the house around this time. I will drive up to Long Beach where my ship will be waiting for me. Before I go to the port, I will tie in a genealogy excursion. I found that my Aunt Girlie was living with her grandmother Birdie, and Birdie's husband Tiny Boy in Long Beach on the 1940 Census. The house that they were living in is not too far from the port. I will drive by and take some photos of the house. I plan to upload the pics to Facebook so that my cousin's wife can show them to Aunt Girlie.

I have booked two excursions for this cruise. In Catalina, I will take a tour of the Casino. In Ensenada, I have signed up for a Bar Hopping Tour. Sounds like fun, right?!

This cruise that I am taking will be the first one that I am taking by myself. This will be my 5th cruise, and my 3rd Carnival cruise. I have also booked an interior room for myself as an experiment. Obviously, interior rooms are the least expensive. I have heard that the rooms are pitch black when you turn off the lights. Perfect! Should make for a good night's sleep. I also thought that by booking an interior room it might force me to get out of my room and mingle.

I notice that the entry is labeled Day's Position 1. They do not let me put -14, but that's what it really is.


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