The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

Well worth the money𯘀

Thank you for coming along on our trip via the daily journal. It has been a great 49 days made especially sweet by having Seth with us for 37 of those days. We set out to learn a lot about the South Island of New Zealand and we know it pretty well is a special place and the trip was well worth the expense. We've kept a log for expenses and even counting the costs yet to come with three more hotels (Honolulu and 2 Seattle) and 2 more car rentals (Sea and Dallas) it costs more to take a 63 day cruise as it would this trip. Each type of travel has its own pros and cons and this has been good for us to be able to compare. We like both types so we have added to our understanding of the long road trip adventure. Being able to walk and be outdoors every day here in this second summer is a much better physical plus for me because I don't do winter sports and the cold Alaska winters are my hibernating time. However the road trip has resulted in us having worse eating practices than we would ever consider at home. Eating out cheaply is not the same thing as eating healthy here𯘀 If you ever want more details on things we have learned just let us know. We are off to the Hawaii today the start making our way to family in Texas via a side trip to see Carol and Keith in Vancouver WA. We will be back in Fairbanks late on the 30th. This is the last posting and we are signing off𯒥 Terry and Roxa

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