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Ostrich Farm

The eggs have a 2mm thick shell


Hlangana Lodge

Barrydale to Oudsthoorn (pronounced oatswerren)

Some 2 hours drive along the R62 through picturesque open countryside and surrounded by mountainous ridges is Oudsthoorn.

This area is famous for Ostrich Farms so we stopped at one a little way out of town for a tour. This one was called Safari Ostrich Show Farm on the south side of town. They have 1800 hectares with 1500 ostriches. There were several types but mainly the Zimbabwe Blue which is better for its meat over the South African and Kenyan Red ostriches.

Originally bred for their feathers in the 1920s and 1930s after the Second World War it was discovered that they produced good meat, low it fat and low in cholesterol. I had an Ostrich steak last week and it tasted and looked more like beef steak. They now also use the skin for very tough and durable leather products.

On to our accommodation for the night, this was a lovely colonial style building called Hlangana Lodge on the north side of town. It has beautiful grounds, garden and a swimming pool and really is a lovely place to stay apart from the proximity of the road so we could hear traffic. Oudsthoorn itself is a large town in comparison with others we have seen and tourism obviously plays a large part in the economy here as it is on most people's route when they come to this part of South Africa.

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