The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

Roxa and Seth along the coastal trail at the historical fortress

Auckland Harbor view from the top of the look out at the...

Harbor protection for several centuries

Devonsport is a suburb of Auckland that is accessible by either ferry or bus. We went via ferry and returned via bus. The historical focus of the community is the old military fortress which was used to protect the Auckland harbor during WWI and WWII. The guns were used against the Japanese and German armies as well as protecting thousands of American soldiers who came to protect New Zealand during the WWII - we had a lot of ships and personnel stationed here since the New Zealand forces were small. The fortress was ready to use if needed against the Russians in WWI but never used against them (they didn't show up here).

As you can see from the pictures of Auckland Harbor, there were two cruise ships in port today - that meant over 5,000 additional tourist in the CBD of Auckland or dispersed to ferry routes to see the local sites. Princess and Royal Carribean were here for the day.

It rained most of the afternoon but is suppose to be nicer tomorrow (our last full day here).

About 40 minutes on ferries - an hour on a bus -- Steps today -22,234 with nice walking all around the fortress park and the town of Devonport - plus the lovely daily walks to the harbor here by our hotel.

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