The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

Low Tide offers over 20 miles of walking beach with no more...

At high tide, Terry would be under water!

Miles counting...depends on the source material!

One side says 100km per hour, opposite side says 50 --one lane...

Across the road from our B&B about a 100 steps is an amazing access point to the Tasman Sea/South Pacific.

At high tide it is a boiling sea with powerful waves and currents. At low tide, it is a cushioned walking surface that goes all the way to Westport to the south - over 20-30 minutes away by car. There are big rocks that are submerged under the high tide but exposed at low tide - fascinating to see the lines where the tide stops and trees grow on the top of the rocks. Yesterday we headed to the Seal Colony at Cape Foulwind (so named by Capt. Cook). While seals are very smelly even up high away from them, they were fascinating to watch from up on the cliff watch area , as we could see moms and babies and how they got around on the rocks. As part of that path there was a signpost indicating kilometers to cities around the world. It was an example of how different source material say different numbers in determining locations. The Vancouver km number would mean that the 7,000+ miles we saw when googling it was not an accurate number for Fairbanks to Westport. OR - the signpost isn't accurate -- or both! Speaking of signage --- the default speed limit everywhere in NZ is 100kph. You can have a curve speed posted as 35kph and two steps next will be 100kph. On the sign in the picture -- it is a one lane curvy road down a farmers pasture (we were looking for a posted walkway). A person would be NUTS to drive more than 30kph on it but the posting said 100. On the backside of that same sign, it told folks to go 50kph.

Bottom line -- ignore the 100kph when driving here and drive as safe as the conditions warrant -- which in these hilly, curvy, roads can even be the posted 15kmph maximum!

We are headed in to Westport to go see the Star Wars movie since it is now New Year's Eve here. New Zealand is one of the first countries to ring in the new year -- two hours earlier than you see on TV from the Sydney Opera House. Tomorrow we leave here and head to Blenheim to get Seth - he has changed locations and we will pick him up on our way to Picton. Driving yesterday 2 hours - steps 21, 918. Driving today 6 hour (we drove up to the end of the highway at Karamea) - step TBD after the evening low tide walk at 9ish. Happy New Year!

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