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La Brea Tap Pits

Methane Bubbling Up In The Tar Pit

Yesterday was the official start of the Rally. We had an orientation meeting at 3 PM to let us know the rules and the when's and where's. It was also time to meet the dog walker and introduce them to Marley. We left strict instructions that Marley was not to be fed any rugs.

Monday morning and we're up bright and early to be ready to board the tour bus at 7 AM. Traffic and accidents being what they are here, we stand in the dark and cold until the bus arrives at 8. Finally we're on our way into the city to pick up our guide for the drive through town. We started off in Hollywood at Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Then it was up to Beverly Hills and down Rodeo Drive. The guide noted that as of January 1, tour buses will no longer be allowed to drive on Rodeo Drive.

We had lunch and then wandered a Mexican marketplace at Olvera Street. Then it was back to the bus for the La Brea Tar Pits. Asphalt is still bubbling up out of the ground here and the search for fossils is still in full swing. There are exhibits of the creatures they've found that lived here. There is also a spot when you can look down over the shoulders of the people doing the actual digging. And inside the museum, the investigations and identification is done inside a glass room visible to visitors.

We then went to the Farmer's Market and The Grove. These upscale shopping areas have traffic blocked off to make it an open style mall for the holidays. We used the opportunity to update our I-phones at the Apple Store.

Then it was back to the bus and try to make our way back to the campground. It took us until 7PM, but we made it back. We're tired and sore but it's been a full day. Tomorrow is Equestfest.

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