The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

A milk kiosk in the sport field park

An amazing sports complex

Cathedral # 3 - a key part of the Nelson community

A park bench totally covered by tree limbs - very shady spot!

Yippee - we have a different car - in fact one that has a lot less miles on it and around 5 years newer with good brakes -- so we are set for the next 6 days of our car rental! Today we saw some unusual things in the Nelson area. First, we checked out this little building at the far in of an amazing sports complex. Turns out it is a kiosk where you buy milk that hasn't been fully pasteurized. You bring your bottle, put it under the dispenser, pay your $2.50 for a liter and then off you go. Very unusual. In the same sports complex we walked around the large fields and areas set aside for all kinds of sport. We happened across the Cricket Pavilion where huge trucks were unloading a lot of pallets. We asked the guys what they were setting up for and it turns out a famous Cricket match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka will be played here on New Year's Eve. Lots to do to get things ready - these kiwi's love their cricket for sure. Later in the day we visited the Christ Church Cathedral of Nelson. The cathedral found on the site now is the third that has occupied that spot and was built in the early 1900's. Before then, two more modest cathedrals had a time where they were standing but various issues caused them to be replaced. Very pretty stained glass windows. After exploring that area we headed back to the river walk. We saw this amazing tree that totally enfolded the bench that was located under the tree. It had such unusual leaf/branch configuration and blocked the view of the river - so we didn't stay long. We drove to the beach area along the Tasman Bay part of Nelson and were amazed at how crowded it was --thousands of people packed in a five mile radius - we got out of their fast! The Nelson area has around 65,000 permanent resident but a lot of holiday visitors and hotels in the area so a lot more crowded during this time of the year. Beautiful day in the mid 70's and still 14-15 hours of daylight a day. Lovely summertime in the South Island.

Driving -not more than an hour today. Steps - 20,121 today. Driving to Charming Creek tomorrow.

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