The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

Great fun at the Nelson, NZ Saturday Market -200 vendors

Kina Beach - brief walk before high tide - Tasman, NZ

Up close with a walk among the the sheep

Correction: last journal entry re: Texas vowels -- should have been short vowels not long vowels :)

Today we had a great time at the Saturday market in Nelson. We have been reading or hearing about this market since we first arrived on the South Island. There are often 200+ vendors at the market (every Saturday) and today it was a happening place for sure as this was the last weekend before Christmas. I got two very unusual (and cute) things and I loved walking through the market - Seth had Maori fried bread with BLT, and Terry patiently walked along row after row of vendors with me! We really liked the city of Nelson and could see ourselves spending a month there during a November or February some time. We came back to our little Tasmangreen Studio and drove 5 minutes away to Kina Beach. The tide was coming in fast so we will try that beach walk tomorrow. Instead we took the car back to the studio and walked out our door and got on the 7.5k bike/walk/horse path to the top of the ridge. That path goes through several farm properties where walkers are reminded to close the gates so the sheep won't get out. Those sheep many of them and they are not interested in being upclose and personal with humans. As we watched the moms and babies we noticed the absence of any "frolicking or fun" -- they just keep their noses to the grass and eat - or lay down....not much activity or personality evident to us novice sheep folks. BUT, the scenery was beautiful and the sheep are often interspersed in fields that border vineyards, or apple orchards, or some type of flowering plant that is being farmed. If you think of 9 sheep per Kiwi person - that could be like 45 million sheep in this country!! We learned more about them from a neighbor -- their meat is highly sought in Brtian and they are sent on chilled ships that take 30 days to get to Britian - all the journey their harvested meat is currying in the chilled container ship so as to sell to restaurants in Britian and Europe. That is different from previous info. Steps yesterday 10, 329. Today 17, 858. Driving 1 hour. 1 more day and we leave to go to Greymouth

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